Yana Pavlova

I enjoy working on the sphere of relationships. In this niche, I have my own wonderful results: currently, my husband supports me in everything, practices meditations and yoga with me, and attends training sessions with teachers in the seed system.

My clients who came with a request to improve their relationships as a couple also achieved excellent results and now live in happy relationships.

I have also achieved excellent results in the financial area: I earn through a profession that brings me immense pleasure and a sense of feminine self-realization. I receive a tremendous amount of gifts and surprises.

Athens, Greece

СЕ consultant
After the third meeting with Yana, a causal relationship counselor, I notice already the first results on the way to achieving my goal.

Each meeting is like a cool appointment with a psychologist, where I am very frank.

As a result, I get cool tips and exercises to do at home to achieve my goal and work through my attitudes.
Jana, you have become a light for me in dark times, you help me to go through this difficult period of change and transformation, to understand the deep philosophy and truth of our beautiful world.

A specialist and just an unreal person! I recommend Yana to everyone, she is the best!
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