"Happiness belongs to those who have managed to understand the reasons behind things"
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About the Center
Our center is a place where you can gain experience in solving life challenges using the method of cause-and-effect relationships. This method is based on the ancient wisdom of Asia and has been tested by many generations.

To achieve this, we have trained and continue to train consultants who master this method and transform their own lives for the better with its help.
About the method
At the heart of these teachings is the concept that nothing exists by itself, independent of ourselves and our behaviour. Nothing in life happens by chance and everything has a reason.
And it is possible to study what reasons are behind different events in our life and most importantly, how to create deep reasons for everything we want to have in life: success in work, financial abundance, any material resources, good health and lots of energy, happy relationships, calm, clear state of consciousness and the revealing of one's highest potential and purpose.
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For 9 months of work on the system I bought a flat from 0 (without savings, opportunities to take a loan, etc.) costing 53 000 $. Growth of personal income after live training in 3 times.

Growth of personal income after the first online programme in February 2023 and the implementation of the goal ( 3500$ per month).
I have been working with a consultant for over a year now. Now I have a different goal and I am sure that by applying the methods of cause and effect I will achieve it. I liked the fact that I received universal tools, what to do and how to be even in very difficult situations. This method is very logical, clear, based on ancient wise knowledge.
After 5 online meetings with the consultant and about 5-6 months of conscious practice under the guidance of the teacher, I was able to meet, or more exactly "create" my own partner of my dreams! "Create" - because I absolutely saw the cause-and-effect relationships between the steps I took in my practice, and the result I got (attention, care and tenderness of my partner).
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