On the cause and effect method

The method is based on classical Asian philosophy and ancient wisdom that is 2500 years old. These teachings have been carefully transmitted from generation to generation, from teacher to student, and for many centuries have been available only to monks, country leaders and wealthy businessmen. This system of knowledge was originally created to reach the peak of human evolution.
This knowledge came to us through Geshe Michael Roach, who lived and studied for 25 years in a small Mongolian monastery in New Jersey under the great master Khen Rinpoche. Michael Roach received a Geshe degree (equivalent to a Doctor of Philosophy) and used this knowledge to create from nothing the jewellery company Andin International, which is considered the fastest growing company in New York, and in 2007 with a revenue of 250 million dollars was sold to Warren Buffett. Since then, Geshe Michael has written many books and teaches this knowledge around the world in a modern way.
The method of individual causal consultation was developed by Marija Moertl, Alyona Koshkina and Yulia Dubanych, direct students of Geshe Michael, who work with him and are involved in his projects. They take great care in this uninterrupted line of wisdom transmission, they do not take anything away or add anything.
At the heart of these teachings is the concept that nothing exists by itself, independent of ourselves and our behaviour. Nothing in life happens by chance and everything has a reason. And it is possible to study what reasons are behind different events in our life and most importantly, how to create deep reasons for everything we want to have in life: success in work, financial abundance, any material resources, good health and lots of energy, happy relationships, calm, clear state of consciousness and the discovery of one's highest potential and purpose.
This method is available to anyone regardless of age, gender, country where you live, religion, background, etc. If you have mind and body, you can easily benefit and gain from this method. Don't believe but just check it out.м