Olha Borodiienko
I have been practicing diamond wisdom since 2017.

Now my main topic is helping women to create really happy relationships in a couple and with themselves. I myself have created such relationships in my life with the help of this wisdom.

Even before the consultant profession, my some acquaintances, friends got their dream relationships with this same method when they listened and checked their experience.

I know for a fact that this knowledge works for any purpose for anyone who checks and practices it. And it is much easier and faster to move when there is a support, a mentor, who can help you to understand where exactly you should move now to achieve your goals.
Prague, Czech Republic
СЕ consultant
Point A: after moving to the Czech Republic because of the war I was very lost, I didn't know where to go and what to do.The inner state was loss, disappointment and lack of understanding.

There were also a lot of material requests: to buy a new iPhone, to buy a couple of things, to go to Paris. Eventually the idea of moving to another country came up.

Point B: I bought a new iPhone, went to Paris 2 times, visited the sea and everything worked out well with moving to another country.

My inner state has improved, there is an understanding of what actions can lead to the result.
When she came to the beginning of work, Natalia worked in a factory, hard physically and mentally work, with irregular schedule, with night shifts, in a foreign country.

She wanted to change her profession, to increase her income and not to work at the factory.

After working together - received an offer of online work, which I dreamed of and seemed unrealistic, for the salary I wanted, and with the opportunity to live where you want.
Natalia Zhuravleva
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