Oksana Fesenko
Practising diamond wisdom since 2019. I have chosen a brand new profession, a cause and effect consultant, to help my clients solve their life issues using the 4 steps.

I'm here to help you get to the root causes of your failures and build a solid foundation for your success. My clients increase their income, find a job they love, close debt, and become happier.

In my consultations, I will help you find the root causes of your money failures and start acting consciously to quickly gain financial prosperity and happiness.
Italy, Rome
СЕ consultant
Oksana, good afternoon!

I want to thank you for an amazing and important consultation! I became more confident in my actions towards my goal, and my goal became clearer and clearer.
I thank you for the subtle way you highlighted important points and obstacles on the way to the goal. You sensed that I needed to work with my self worth and suggested connections that I hadn't thought of before. The feeling that I now have a plan.

After the meeting, I walked around with a smile on my face for another half hour with) And in terms of time, it felt like we talked for three hours, no less! Considering how many benefits I took. Oksana, thank you sincerely for this meeting.
Oksana, thank you for your counseling on my pressing issue - relationships. You very accurately helped me to form a request and guided me on the first steps and tools to realize my desire. Everything turns out to be realizable, possible and not difficult. Your every word resonated with me.

I am very glad that new tools are appearing in my environment, which can help me quite quickly to make my life easier and more interesting and rich.

I wish you success and that as many people as possible learn about the system of cause-and-effect relationships and solve their issues with its help.
Oksana, thank you sincerely for your consultation yesterday was very deep and gentle, but I wrote out a lot of insights and thoughts to "think about, which I myself did not notice and did not see. When we are in the same situation, there is blindness and we need someone to illuminate the problem from a different angle.

Thank you for highlighting, reminding, inspiring and supporting. And once again you reminded me that we only get what we give ourselves and no other way. That this system works reliably. That it's all of me, which means things can be different. It was wonderful to work with you and I believe that it was not the last time to good specialists return, I will gladly return.
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