Natalia Chernysh
I have been practicing Diamond Wisdom since 2019.

I can help you get rid of debts, improve relationships, and enhance your health.

I discovered Diamond Wisdom when facing financial difficulties. With the knowledge gained, I tripled my income in a year, improved my health, and strengthened relationships with loved ones.

I want to help other people who are currently in difficult situations to find a happy life through the knowledge I've acquired.
Moscow, Russia
СЕ consultant
I found the cause-and-effect relationships to be very accurate and correct. I received clear recommendations that I will use in the future

I was very pleased that, despite connection problems, it was possible to connect outside of the conference and further consolidate the conclusions and results of the session.
I am happy with the counseling session and am very grateful for the opportunity to better understand the situation that was bothering me.
Thank you very much for your work
Dear Natasha, Thank you for your counseling on cause and effect. It was very valuable, important and useful for me. I myself have been studying diamond wisdom since 2020, reading Michael Roach's books. But you were able to highlight to me the subtle and key points that I was missing from my attention and field of vision, but most importantly you were able to summarize what I was already doing and give it back to me. Because I myself have been devaluing my generosity to others, you were able to explain to me many things in my life that I myself have personally devalued. I thank you for your useful knowledge and your ability to structure it. I have written out for myself the main issues and principles that I want to work on now. I recommend you as an expert on cause-and-effect relationships!
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