Maria Nesterov
I work with various requests because in practice, it turns out that a person comes to resolve one specific request, but in reality, they want to solve something that troubles them much more. They feel dissatisfaction at a fundamental level, and the reason they come to work is what is on the surface, the door through which a person enters Diamond Wisdom.

That's why I stopped tying myself to one direction. By working with the deep request, a person gradually solves the initial request that brought them to practice. Since early childhood, I've asked "strange" questions and sought answers to them. To this day, I have become a master in the art of asking questions and feeling when there is truth in the answer.

This ability helps me quickly and effectively get to the root of the problem, eliminating the need to solve side issues. From experience, I can say that this is not an easy process. Therefore, a person who works with me must possess courage and resilience to face their demons. I will be there to guide and support, ensuring that this battle ends in victory.

I learned about "The Pen" in 2016 in the courses of Marina Khmelovskaya and Alexey Prosekin. Until 2019, I took their courses and marathons. In 2020, I went all-in :) And now, this snowball cannot be stopped!
California, USA
СЕ consultant
Maria, Mashenka, thank you so much for your work, for your strength, for your work!
I, an aunt, 53 - years old cried like a baby when you removed a heavy layer of pain from me. You're awesome! Simple, soft, kind, honest, and most importantly, you are a super strong magician! You lead easily and persistently, smoothly and gently! and thank you!!! sincerely, honestly, with love.

I know that everyone who has tried to work with you, tasted your power - cool will change in a completely different, better way! And the problem that is inside will dissolve!
Victories to you! Perseverance - to change everything for the better in the Flow of Love! Thank you for your help! Knowledge is really necessary for everyone! Thank you and heartily recommend!
Mashenka, For the last 2-3 days I have been experiencing moments of never having an inexplicable feeling of confidence in myself and in life in general.

I don't recall feeling this way during a period of broken relationships and complete uncertainty in the near future.

I was surprised to notice these moments, and now I just enjoy the fact that I occasionally catch myself with a smile on my face for no reason at all!

Did our mental readjustments really work that way!!!!! Thank you so much!
Thank you Maria for the knowledge I received and the incredible organization of the course.

Karmic Management helped me to better understand how the law of karma works and to start applying it in practice.
Already during the course there have been changes in my life regarding my request.

This is an incredible life transformation technique that can and should be implemented in all areas and I am very glad that I learned it with the help of Masha.

She is an absolutely unique guide with a huge baggage of knowledge and techniques.
I sincerely recommend it!
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