Lidia Karpova
I have been practising Diamond Wisdom since 2021. I help my clients find balance in all areas of life. When there is harmony in every sphere, a person has the opportunity to look at their life more broadly and set new global goals.

In my clients' experience, the hardest part of learning the seed system is applying what they have learnt on a regular basis. As a consultant, I have developed a method through which the client develops the motivation to use the knowledge gained in their life, and therefore to achieve results.

My clients find their sense of purpose, gain self-confidence, create new jobs, increase their income from their favourite occupation and develop their business.
Belgrade, Serbia
СЕ consultant
Lida, hi! We discussed when we met in Belgrade that I should have been promoted a long time ago and it was not working out.

Today my manager told me that they will be able to promote me from May 1))) despite the fact that the day before yesterday they abruptly imposed a moratorium on any promotions and personnel changes until the end of May, but somehow they found a solution).
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