Larisa Piskareva
I have been familiar with Diamond Wisdom since 2019.

I chose this niche because I realized that many problems and failures have underlying causes that are not always obvious. I strive to help people understand these causes and determine what actions can lead to the desired result.

One of my main advantages as a KPSS is my analytical approach. I can deeply analyze information, identify hidden causes, and find solutions.

Working through The Four Steps, I paid off loans, increased my income, went to an expensive training course that I hadn't even dreamed of before, and went on a retreat to Japan.

I will help you understand the hidden causes of your problems and develop a strategy to help you achieve success. My approach is based on proven methods and extensive experience.
Moscow, Russia
СЕ consultant
Good afternoon, my name is Elena. I was accompanied by Larisa. And for several months we moved together towards my goal.

My goal was financial. During this time my income has increased three times.
I can recommend Larisa as a very cool specialist in her business.
And also Larisa has a very pleasant voice and I am ready to listen to it just endlessly.

Larisa, thank you very much for the time you worked with me, for the results we achieved. And I highly recommend Larisa as a very cool specialist . . .
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