Gulnaz Musabekova
Practicing diamond wisdom since 2020.

"I am a phthisiologist and a consultant on cause-and-effect relationships. I love bringing joy and a positive attitude to everything.
I value expertise, the desire to make the world better, kinder, and more beautiful. In my work, there is a commitment to achieving goals effectively and spectacularly.

All these qualities are inherent in organizers, managers, leaders – in individuals who take responsibility, love to provide support and help to people, understand and feel that everything is in their handsl.

As a cause and effect consultant, I help people believe in their capabilities, in their unique potential, and achieve with ease and joy the goal that seemed impossible.
Personal results include the purchase of a business-class apartment in the center of Almaty, reducing/eliminating dependencies, improving relationships with family and colleagues, and increasing income.

Client results include improvements in health, increased income, and enhanced relationships."
Almaty, Kazakhstan
СЕ consultant
I would like to leave feedback about working with Gulnaz Askerbekovna as a cause and effect consultant.

Everything was explained as clearly as possible, and examples were given, so it was easy to start work on sowing and nurturing seeds. My goal is to start and promote my business and increase my income.

In December we started work, in January I have already made the most important step - opened a studio, in a neighborhood and place as I always imagined. And the masters I hired meet my needs.

So I am very grateful for the work done and clear explanation, as well as keeping in touch!

Dear Gulnaz, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your consultations, for your analysis, advice and recommendations!

You had such a deep and complex approach to unraveling my issues, you saw the relationship so subtle and little perceptible, but such a relationship, which was the key to solving my queries and problems. Gulnaz, thank you, my dear, for those profound consultations and especially for the fact that I was able to entrust you with my most intimate and difficult questions, which were even hard to voice even to myself.

Thank you, My Angel, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
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