Christina Goncharova
My name is Christina Goncharova, and I am a consultant on cause-and-effect relationships! In 2019, I became acquainted with Diamond Wisdom and "fell in love" with it.

I started applying it in my life, increased my own income and the income of the family business. I organized trips for the family to the Maldives and winter Baikal. Regularly sowing seeds for fulfilling and happy relationships with my husband!

I chose the profession of a consultant on cause-and-effect relationships precisely because I want to help people create stable income, happy relationships, and strong health in their lives. I believe that this is the most productive way - to create causes for your desires that ALWAYS work! Rather than pointing fingers in the sky, hoping that maybe it will work now!
I invite you to a consultation!
Abakan, Russia
СЕ consultant
Request: opened my own beauty salon, was facing a difficult choice to go into my own business only or to continue to be employed and self-employed. Had several small loans, business development loan and mortgage.

Goal for support: before the new year to close the small loans and reduce the mortgage.

Outcome 10 counseling sessions: Closed all small loans, lowered mortgage from 17 to 7 years. She got out of the diamond deal, develops her beauty salon, has generous and grateful clients. Her husband has also become generous - invites her to cafes and gives her flowers without reason.

Request for consultation: I can't find my dream apartment. There is no option that would suit me 100%. Because of this irritation and apathy.

After the strategy session: there was clarity of the object that she and her family need. She realized why she couldn't find the apartment she wanted. She made a clear plan to achieve the goal using the tools of the seed system. Confidence in achieving the goal appeared, anxiety and irritability disappeared.

The result in a month: created a dream apartment, which meets all the stated criteria (although previously in this building this apartment was not).
Request: I want my man to be generous.

After the strategy session:
Built a clear structure on goal setting, identified criteria for goal achievement, built a plan to achieve the goal using the tools of the seed system. Put together a tracker to track progress.

Outcome: joint trip to Cuba, ease in solving financial issues, more generosity from the man.
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